5 Ways to be artful without a large piece of artwork!

Are you NOT looking for large artwork? Here are a few ways Art Dallas can help with your smaller scale taste or budget ! 


2.      Small unique artwork 

Not into big portraits? How about little ones? With a little graphic design Art Dallas can create print mount and hang each piece.


4.       Frame wall

Any frame any style! Art Dallas has everything from Bright to bling! Our skilled closed corner framing team can make any size! 


1.       Glass on your walls

Art Dallas blown glass pieces can be hung on any wall or in any nook to create a fun wall! These pieces are hand blown and come in vibrant colors!



3.       Sculpture

Big or small sculpture is a grand way to revamp a space! bright and bold this piece would be the perfect finishing accent to a beautiful space. 







5.       Antique mirrors

The Antique Mirrors are created in house as are all of Art Dallas’s custom pieces. Art Dallas is the only place you can customize an antique mirror to your personal preference in color and ageing.

To learn more contact an Art Dallas Art Consultant phone 214 688 0244