Art Dallas artwork at Hi Connect 2015

Art consultants with award winning complete art resource, Art Dallas, business sense and design skills are combined with a passion for creating artwork compositions that are at the heart of livable and workable style. Art Dallas put its creative resources together and created  a beautiful vignette at Hi Connect Tradeshow in Nashville Tennessee. 

Drawing guests in and calming their mood as they enjoy the space, large art plays a pinnacle role in the room. Large art is far from a space filler in a large venue.  Placing a painting or mixed media piece of great measurements will not only turn heads but inspire emption. Every décor style has layers of color and furniture; the same premise applies to artwork. Art pieces give patrons and onlookers a well-rounded sense of their surroundings. 

Art Dallas partnered with Caruso + Cumberledge to create a beautiful vignette at Hi Connect in Nashville Tennessee.  

Art Dallas got the opportunity to connect with industry leaders and creative designers from around the world. 

HI Connect® is the hospitality industry's most stimulating and productive experience. This patented three day event features the finest decision makers, owners, developers, GMs, architects, purchasing executives, designers, suppliers, and purchasing companies. 

Art Dallas showcased original artwork, beautiful framing, print artwork, and mirrors of all sizes and shapes. 

From waking up surrounded by beautiful Art Dallas artwork to getting ready for your day in an Art Dallas mirror no room incomplete without the AD touch. 

If you would like to learn more please contact an Art Dallas Consultant 214-688-0244