The Latest Art Dallas Project.

Art Dallas artwork in corporate office

The Art Dallas workshop is humming with creativity.

The skilled Art Dallas Creative Team producing custom works is in house. These professionals start each project with a full conceptual write up and then create custom artwork to the detailed preference of the client.  

The latest project Art Dallas formulated is artwork created for a Dallas corporate office. Art Dallas worked closely with this industry leader to complete their space with beautiful artwork.

The lobby now holds a unique map of the world made out of golf tees for a unique flair. Each client to enter the building will get to enjoy this fun work.

An open staircase in the center of the office frequented by clients and employees is no longer just a pathway but a visually stimulating space with amazing artwork. 

Art consultants with award winning complete art resource Art Dallas, business sense and design skills are combined with a passion for creating artwork compositions that are at the heart of livable and workable style.

If you love the artwork Art Dallas has created please contact one of our award winning Art Consultants.

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