Art Dallas guide to 2015 trends


Shine with Metallic!


This style is the design addict’s must-have, understated for a room yet hyper-chic! Make them your statement pieces to bring life to your design. One of the most fun remodels for 2015 is a refocusing on art pieces toward rich metallic tones: deep coppers, bronze, gold, and even crisp silver.  Trendsetters recommend a careful hand with these accents since too much can overwhelm the room but with a bit of creativity and an eye for design Art Dallas can install all the stunning new work.

Eco Chic!


Take a step toward being eco-friendly and hang art with nature in mind. There are many things you can change or add to your decor that will spruce it up while being kind to the environment. Utilizing materials such as wood for your artwork is creative and responsible. Feel Zen as you hang work that brings the outdoors in.


Throw Off the Uniform Style! Fusions are in!



Your artwork style should represent your personality and interests above all else. This is why the, dated saying “need to have artwork that matches the couch” is over! Get a bold, dramatic look and feel with a combination of retro styles, modern comforts, and versatile designs that range from industrial and ethnic to modern and natural. Have fun with your style and your style is sure to be fun!

Antique Mirrors!

These are not your grandmother’s mirrors! Hanging a decorative mirror gives a unique flair. Antique Decor Mirrors are handcrafted using a silvering technique formulated in house. Art Dallas’s distinctive styles are an ideal alternative to clear mirrors, as each pattern offers visual elegance of times past. These mirrors handcrafted by Art Dallas are likely the most unique mirrors available in the world today.