Art Dallas Gold!

Art Dallas is inspired by the recent Academy Awards!

art dallas gold.jpg

Gold is a trending color this season. Although temporarily overshadowed by a period of silver, chrome and nickel, GOLD has made a triumphant comeback in the design world.

These natural elements add major glamour to any room. The cultured and regal aesthetic of this vibrant precious metal has proven to be timeless and enduring in its appeal. Decor pieces in rich gold are a lovely addition to a neutral environment, and appear luminous in the soft glow of diffused, natural light.


01-Aqua Seaside-SQ7734020.jpg

Gold flecks make this Antique mirror pop! Giving any space a hint of glimmer.   

Gold art.jpg

Artists render gold with masterful hand to leave the viewer feeling warm.

Gold framing can make any work chic. The golden frame always has a place in classic décor.

Weather it is Artwork, Framework, or Antique decorative mirrors with a gold tone the effect is always rich warm and timeless. Think of gold and Art Dallas when you decorate!