Tips to Master the Monochromatic Look

You probably know the feeling well: You’re in that transition period of your decor, and you just can’t figure out which color will go with that perfect piece of furniture you just bought. Well, here’s one way to make things simpler: Just pair it with a matching artwork (and mirrors…and frames…

That’s right: The monochromatic look is back for fall and making your space look better than ever. That’s because the trend has a grandeur effect, since styling with one color from floor to ceiling makes your space look larger and cleaner. And that’s not the only reason to give this trend a try: It’s also an easy way to look super-chic and high fashion, plus it can often be pulled off using pieces you already have.

Ready to rock the look? Just keep these four simple tips in mind:

Ease into the decor!

If the thought of jumping straight from a multi-hued design plan of one color from floor to ceiling is a little overwhelming for you, take the trend slowly by picking a mirror and piece of artwork in matching shades, then breaking them up with furniture and accessories in a different color. Try a piece of artwork and furniture in the same color, then add in a frame, mirror, matting, other artwork, or all of the above in a different hue. Not only is this a great way to test out a lot of the same color in one space, but it gives you a bold, put-together look for your next fall hosted event. 

Keep it in the color family! 

Some new to the monochrome trend tend to get hung up on the idea of mixing the exact shade of crisp white on every piece of their artwork, but it’s almost impossible to find hues that match up perfectly with different artists (unless you buy a matching set of-course). Instead, stick with shades in the same color family, such as bright white, cream, and ivory or chocolate, mocha, and burnt umber.

Layer your Pieces!

Scared just one color covering your whole space will look a little flat, even when you’re mixing slightly different shades of the same hue? The solution is simple: Gather lots of different types of artwork and textures to add dimension to your space. Spice up your basic all-black look, for example, by pairing a bold leather frame with a textured matting. For something a little dressier, layer a simple frame over a silk matting. Texture works as a wonderful mediator. 

Don't forget the extras! 

If you’re ready to take the monochromatic look to the next level, add in a few accessories—think custom, antique mirrors, custom framing, custom sculpture to keep the one-color theme going. And if you’re truly dedicated, go the extra mile with a matching outfit and photo shoot in your new space!