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acrylic on canvas by David Dauncey

acrylic on canvas by David Dauncey

This 3'x4' acrylic on canvas painting, by David Dauncey, caught my eye the first time I entered Art Dallas.

It's contrast of vintage-like muted colors placed against vibrant oranges and yellows keeps me engaged. It's straight graphic lines and rectangular shapes contain the piece while the organic oval shapes, the drips, the scratches and the large brush strokes release the painting and move it into a place of expression, freedom, and movement.

This collage of color, texture and marks is filled with subtle yet powerful emotion. There are layers of expression covered over - with a hint of yellow trying to break out of the darkness.

I could live in the light blue section filled with marks, whispers of pencil, drips of lightness, and past undertones.

                          --Marianne Gargour, Art Dallas