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Art Dallas Consulting Team

Collectively the Art Dallas Team has been art consulting for over 50 years. Out of the box thinking is the Art Dallas team’s greatest attribute. 

“Art never ceases to amaze us! Its effect on your senses covers the gamut, it can evoke sensory overload to bliss and tranquility. “ Judy Martin (Founder)

Art consultants with award winning complete art resource Art Dallas, business sense and design skills are combined with a passion for creating artwork compositions that are at the heart of livable and workable style.

With timeless, sophisticated taste, Each Art Dallas consultant offers classic design with contemporary flair. Their ability to transform hospitality, corporate, and healthcare interiors by layering color, shape and texture has earned the respect of elite clientele.

Impeccable eye for space planning and design is combined with knowledge of project management that differentiates Art Dallas consultants from other art consultants. From initial planning to final details, each project is outlined through Art Dallas’s project management system, streamlining the process and enhancing the client experience.

Art Dallas believes that the pathway to excellence in art consulting is through carefully listening to the client and integrating their wishes and values into the design process so that the ultimate product reflects the client’s perspective and personality.

Corporate – Healthcare - Hospitality – Art Dallas recognizes that each of those areas requires a unique understanding to meet an individual organizations art needs. Our experienced staff collaborates with your interior designers, facilities managers and other key personnel to ensure that each project is executed on time and within budget while clearly expressing your corporate vision.

Art Consulting: Original paintings. Photography. Prints. Posters. Commissioned works. Sculpture. Murals. Signage. On Demand Printing. Framing Design. Custom Framing. Production Framing. Crating, delivery and Installation - Art Dallas can provide every essential, in house, to provide a unique Art Package.

Art Dallas is your complete resource for art services.


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